Securus Technologies Building Stronger Prison Staff

Over the years in our prison we have seen the inmates starting to shift the power. Now that the population of inmates in the jail has exploded, the inmates feel like they are running the facility because me and my other corrections officers are so outnumbered. The reason our prison had to make changes was because as the inmates gained more power, the incidents of violence began to escalate. While we couldn’t drastically increase the amount of officers on staff, we were able to do the next best thing to get back control of this prison.


The day we called Securus Technologies to help really changed the way that we approached dealing with inmates in the prison. Over the last few years we have slowly begun using technology to help us reduce episodes of violence, and this has helped us to limit instances where my team was in harms way. The addition of full-body scanners in the visitor center was a start because it allowed us to remove contraband before it got to the inmates. Now we have the new call monitoring system developed by Securus Technologies to help us to take things to the next level.


Securus Technologies created a monitoring system that runs by the LBS software and will scan all the calls that inmates make on the jail phones. If any type of chatter has been detected concerning drugs, weapons, gangs, contraband, or violence, now my team gets an alert and can move in to eliminate the threat long before anyone is actually at risk of becoming harmed. When inmates using the jail phone talk about hiding drugs, using drugs, selling drugs, making weapons, hiding weapons, or planning fights with rival gangs or corrections officers, we take those threats serious and we move in to remove the threat so no one can be harmed.

Spotting Contraband With the Help of Securus Technologies

When my team of corrections officers sees a rise in drug use within the prison walls, we have to really step up our efforts in a number of locations throughout the facility. One inmate that is high on drugs puts everyone behind the walls in danger, from officers, facility, inmates, to visitors. Here is what we have to do on a daily basis to stay ahead of the trouble so that it does not become a serious issue for all involved.


The first thing that we do is to put a team at the visitor center to perform a number of important duties. We run each visitor through scanning equipment, we do physical checks, and we make sure the inmates are checked after each visit. Once we are completed in this area, then we move to inmate cell inspections throughout the facility. This is a process that usually yields a good amount of contraband, but not everything.


It wasn’t until we started working with Securus Technologies that we were able to really put a huge crimp in the flow of contraband throughout our prison. Securus Technologies installed an inmate call monitoring system that allows my team to pick up on key conversations between inmates pertaining to drugs or weapons. If the system picks up on any words related to the subject, we get an alert and we take swift action.


This month already, the Securus Technologies picked up on conversations between inmates talking about when they do drugs and where in our facility. The system alerted my team to conversations about inmates instructing their families on how to get contraband into the jail and what time is the best to get in without getting the guards attention. Each alert is actually making our facility that much safer for all involved.


Securus Receives Accreditation from Better Business Bureau

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Securus Technologies Company has also worked with the United States Better Business Bureau to get the highest form of accreditation. Securus Technologies Company has also been issued an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. The Better business bureau is a Dallas-based company that offers working solutions to other companies in a way that is not paralleled in the industry. If there are many people engaged in developing fast income, then Securus Technologies Company is one of the top income generating companies in the correctional space. Securus Technologies Company has also received an A+ rating and accreditation by the better business company.


Securus Technologies Company is a company that leads in the provision of technology solutions to the correctional space to enhance criminal and civil justice. For the company, they are happy to become part of the solutions to increase investigation, public safety, monitoring, and corrections in the inmate industry. Securus Technologies Company has announced the reception of accreditation from the Better Business Bureau. Danny De Hoyos is the Senior President and CEO of Securus Technologies Company. The accreditation comes as a voluntary action. If a company wants to be accredited, it must satisfy the set criteria for accreditation by the Better Business Bureau.



Securus Aims To Stop Prisoners From Perpetuating Crime With Innovations

This may come as a shock to you, but convicted criminals are the population most likely to commit crimes. I know. It’s a revelation. But that simple statement has far reaching impact. Just think about it — prisons are a collection of criminals. In a way, we do criminals a favor by housing them together. They are with a bunch of like-minded people. They are able to plan future crimes together, and they can even perpetrate more crime within a prison.


Prisons contain a particular type of economy. Contraband is high on the list of desirable and tradeable items. Contraband ranges from alcohol, drugs, weapons and food items. No matter how vigilant law enforcement stays, contraband always seems to enter a prison. And contraband can literally lead to death in some cases.


It is paramount that we prevent crimes originating in prisons. These could be crimes that are planned while the criminals are serving their time, or it could be crimes taking place in the prison itself. After all, prison guards need protection, too.


That’s why I am so excited to read about Securus. Prisons need telecommunications services. Securus is a telecommunications company that only services prisons and jails. They get these government contracts to take over whole prisons. Every electronic communication into and out of that contracts prison is provided by Securus.


The company records everything. They record video chats and phone calls. All of this recorded information piles up into a massive digital database. But how do you search the database for information about crime? Easy, you use Securus’s own software that can search the database for a particular voice.


If law enforcement is suspicious about a particular person, they can turn to Securus for every electronic communication that person has ever made. That’s how you get ahead of crime.


Securus Technologies, Inc. to Acquire JPay Inc.

Securus Technologies Company and JPay Team have decided to unite in the closest bond of all. For the two companies to extend their purchase agreement to profit, they will also work to promote the digitised payments offered by Jpay Company. Jpay also supports entertainment, communications, and entertainment in the correction space.


Securus Technologies Company has announced that they have signed a stock purchase agreement which will bind the two companies until they merge as one through acquisition. When Securus pay off their agreed purchase amount, Jpay will become part of the enterprise as a service provision arm. Jpay, for the longest time, has worked to become a service provider in the field of technology and digital payment system in the correctional space. For this reason, they have made efforts to keep up with the latest trends in development and maintenance. The company also aids in the provision of email, electronic payments, educational, and entertainment applications to the correctional market. According to a recent data released by the company, they are operating in more than 35 facilities in the United States prisons.


According to the Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies, this transaction will propel the company into profitability and personal preference. For this reason, they will work to gain multiple development facilities in this market and the entire region of jurisdiction. The company has the capability to offer anything from software-based capabilities in the region. As a matter of fact, we might have realised that the company issues better business bureau and determination in a working environment.


Jpay, on the other hand, has been looking forward to having their services extended through growth and acquisition. When Securus acknowledged that they are willing to purchase the company, they knew it had come the time when they were about to get a new solution to their problems.