The Hormone Doctor, Johanan Rand

Johanan Rand, the medical doctor and successful role model, has made immense strides in the medical industry. One of his greatest accomplishments has been his research and work with bioidentical hormone replacement theory.

Dr. Johanan Rand is a licensed physiatrist, physical medicine doctor and rehabilitation doctor practicing medicine in New Jersey. Dr. Rand received his medical training at Albert Einstein Medical School in New York. He practices a very specific type of medicine called peer-review medicine. Peer-review medicine involves recommending treatment only based off of what has been supported in a medical journal or article. At the age of fifty, Johanan Rand is very understanding and sensitive to his patient’s needs. Not only a fitness and health expert, the doctor is an incredible role model to his patients.

For one to understand what bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is, one must first understand the basis of menopause (Youtube). Menopause occurs in women between the ages of 35-50 where progesterone and estrogen levels decrease, because of the decrease of these two important hormones the chance for developing certain diseases increases. However, studies show replacing estrogen and progesterone can fight diseases associated with aging. Replenishing the body with bioidentical hormones fights heart disease, stroke and memory loss.

At the Healthy Aging Medical Center, Johanan Rand creates a custom program for patients undergoing this hormone replacement therapy. The program consists of a detailed analysis of all hormone levels and using bioidentical products for replacing and balancing. When a patient receives this treatment energy levels are recaptured, vitality is increased and the prevention of disease is increased. In addition to the bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, Johanan Rand develops a custom nutrition program and fitness routine for his clients.

Since testosterone levels decline with age, Andropause develops within men. Johanan Rand works also with men creating a specific program based off of bloodwork examination to prevent diseases and hormone imbalance.

As a board certified professional, medical director and practicing physician Johanan Rand stands as a role model and mentor to his patients with his active lifestyle, healthy eating habits and kindness and concern for his patient’s well-being.