Johanan Rand – Life Changer

Johanan Rand’s Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy hormones for women approximately 36 to 50 years old, 25% of women have a decline of the hormones that balance most of what they depend on in everyday life. The hormones are said to cause various serious health issues.

The key is to have estrogen in balance with progesterone. Bioidentical Hormone Replacement is said to completely balance estrogen and progesterone (Defrancostraining). In turn, this complete balance makes the women feel much better and healthier for very long periods of time. Aging slows when the hormone balance is in place. Key information is that we age because our hormones decline and that is the bottom line of it.

Heart disease, strokes, memory loss, bone disorders and even urinary tract infections are all balanced by hormones. The key word is balance. Johanan Rand’s Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy provides this balance. It is important that one does not replace the depleted hormones with synthetic hormones which is said to come from pregnant horse’s urine. Wow! The body does not recognize this foreign substance. Bioidentical hormones are made from plant sources.

Dr. Johanan Rand will analyze each patient. Your hormone levels will be determined. Actions will be taken based on the analysis. Dr. Johanan Rand may even incorporate a basic nutrition plan as well as an exercise routine in your particular program. Dr. Johanan Rand also states that men’s hormone imbalances are also a source of their disease.

Dr. Johanan Rand founded the Healthy Aging Medical Center. Johanan Rand trained at the Albert Einstein Medical Center. He wil not recommend nor prescribe medical journal type programs, yet he is trained as the doctor that puts you back together. He is 50 years of age and a full role model to his patients.

Dr. Johanan Rand is an expert on presenting evidence and he is currently working in his new book titled, It’s not too late to live past 100. Johanan Rand’s credentials include being a consultant to the elite health care out of China, he is certified by the millennium TBI network and he is board certified in anti-aging medicine. He is also certified in acupuncture. Johanan Rand is constantly reading and studying to stay updated. Johanan Rand is changing lives regularly.


Pediatrics, Philanthropy and a Palm-Full of Passion – How Dr. Mark Holterman is Creating a Surge in the World of Surgeons

Raised in Wisconsin, the surgeon, educator and researcher who is Dr. Mark Holterman can be credited a hidden passion which was sparked when he met a resident student named Ai-Xuan Le at the University of West Virginia ( That was after graduating from Yale in 1980. That friendship later became a courtship and the two got married in 1988, later having three sons.

Now an innovator in pediatrics, the CEO of Mariam Global Health, faculty member of the University of Illinois College of Medicine and professor teaching courses in pediatrics and surgery, Dr. Mark Holterman serves as pediatric surgeon at the Children’s Hospital of Illinois, St. Francis Medical Center ( He has walked in the role of being a person who publicly supports regenerative medicine and stem cell therapy. Dr. Mark Holterman aims to further the progress of the academic study of the safety and result-producing ability of advanced treatment modality.

The award-winning pediatric surgeon, who has been in practice for over three decades, also has an eye for scientific discovery.He is very appreciatve of those individuals he calls “Impact Innovators”. These are gifted scientists and physicians who have combined forces to create technologies aiding the improvement of healthcare worldwide. Dr. Holterman’s investment firm, Mariam Global Health, was made for the purpose of generating life-changing impact and was bred as a result of him wanting to make a difference in the world. Mariam Global Heath connects Impact Investors to these Impact Innovators. It’s clear that the ultimate goal is a grand and powerful impact.

Dr. Mark Holterman’s kind and considerate nature has led him to volunteer his time in several philanthropic endeavors. One such endeavor was the International Pediatric Specialists for Children of Vietnam (IPSAC Vietnam), where he gave surgical assistance to children in Vietnam whom were unable to receive such help. His passion for improving children’s access to surgery is simply undeniable. It is a passion which drives not only his sense of philanthropy but his profession and practice as well.