Jonathan Rand Devising Hormonal Correction

Many women in the present society are faced with the menopause challenge. The most affected women are those between the age of 35-50 years. This is due to the hormonal imbalance in the body. Hormones which are responsible for pregnancy begin to decline at this age. Such hormones like Estrogen and Progesterone slowly decline and become less functional as one continues to age. There are many problems that are related to a hormonal imbalance in the woman’s body. Problems such as heart attacks, depression, breast cancer and uterine cancer are some of the common ailments.

Many research which has been done in the field has proven that the balance of such hormones in the body plays a big role in maintaining the health of the woman (Newjerseyivtherapy). It helps alleviate the many health challenges that come with aging. It is this concept that the application of bio-identical hormones has been seen as the milestone in promoting good health. The concept of bio-identical hormones is currently being used to correct the hormonal imbalance in many women in menopause. Women who have had their hormonal correction through the bio-identical process have shown greater and a positive response. The diseases related to hormones imbalance have also been curbed.

However, care must always when undergoing the procedure of hormone correction through bio-identical hormones. One must stress the use of only bio-identical hormones. There is the development of another hormone known as the synthetic hormones. This type of hormones has been chemically altered and is not reliable at all. Dr. Rand has advised against the use of the hormone in correcting a hormonal imbalance.


More about Dr. Jonathan Rands

Dr. Rand is the founder of Healthy Aging Medical Centres. The doctor holds various titles in the medical field. He is a physiatrist, Physical medicine, and a Rehabilitation doctor. Dr. Rand attended the prestigious Albert Einstein Medical Centre in New York. The physiatrist is also a great writer and has written many medical books and journals.He has a vast experience in the medical field.He has been quoted as a kind-hearted doctor who is always sensitive to the needs of his patients. Dr. Rand has contributed greatly to ensuring healthy living through proper dieting aimed at weight management.