Dr. Holterman Continues to Provide Children With Innovative Treatments

Dr. Mark Holterman grew up on a farm. When he was in high school,one of his teacher’s suggested he apply to Yale. This was because he was an excellent student. Mark attended school at Yale and majored in biology. After Yale he went to medical school at the University of Virginia. He wanted to be a pediatrician.

While at UVA, Dr. Mark participated in the National Institute of Health to become a health scientist too. There he met a woman that would eventually become his wife. She inspired him to become a pediatric surgeon as this was her goal. Her name was Ai-Xuan and she was from Vietnam. They were married in 1988.

With several years of experience he serves as CEO of Mariam Global Health a firms that helps fund medical businesses. He has taught at the University of Illinois College of Medicine since 2011 and became a full professor. Mark serves as a pediatric surgeon at three different hospitals.

His medical research at the University of Illinois on stem cells has earned him many awards. The American Diabetes Association gave him the Innovative Research Award. His research motivated him to start an organization called The Hannah Sunshine Foundation.

This non-profit organization helps children with chronic rare disease and help them find innovative treatments. Another organization that he is heavily involved in is the Pediatric Specialists Alliance of Vietnam. The organization came about when he and his wife took a trip to Vietnam

They found the children’s hospitals very crowded when they visited them. Also there was a shortage of doctors and hospitals for children. They met with the hospital’s chief surgeon. Dr. Holterman, his wife, and the chief surgeon decided to form an organization that could resolve the problem. It was called Pediatric Specialists Alliance of Vietnam

The main goal of the organization is to pair American doctors with those in Vietnam to improve hospital conditions. They want to reduce infections and provide them with new medical equipment. When children need operations they will find them surgeons. Dr. Holterman and his wife continue to be actively involved in this organization.

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