Michael Lacey; America’s Greatest Mathematician

Michael Lacey is a expert American mathematician who has made tremendous contributions to the field of mathematics. He has received numerous fellowships including The Guggenheim Fellowship and the National Science Foundation, both of which awards exceptional individuals that have demonstrated exceptional creativity and expertise in their field of work.

Michael Lacy received his doctorate from the University of Illinois in 1987 and has conducted several studies throughout his career, while working with some of the most re-nowned research institutions, heavily focusing on probability. He has developed formulas which has solved numeral mathematical problems that have perplexed others.

After Mr. Lacey graduated, he worked at several impressive universities such as the University of North Carolina, Louisiana State University and Indiana University.

It was while he worked at Indiana University, that he began to study and eventually solved the Hilbert transform, which is used in figuring complex signals that are found in areas such as telecommunications, medical imaging as well as other complex analysis of various systems.

This research resulted in Mr. Lacey receiving the Salem Prize, a highly prestigious award that is presented to mathematicians who have performed outstanding work, in the field of mathematics.

Michael Lacey has been at the Georgia Institute of Technology since 1996, as a Professor of Mathematics. He has been a member of the American Mathematical Society, since 2012. He has also published numerous works on mathematical theories.

These days, Professor Michael Lacey focuses on mentoring his students and empowering them to further their studies in the field of mathematics, sharing his passion with them as they move onto careers in academics and industries.

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