Neurocore Making Waves In Health And Wellness

Neurocore became one of the leading authorities in treating brain disorders by using technology and data analytic to gain a better understanding of neurological conditions. Conditions including anxiety, depression and ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorders) are addressed through neurotherapy to train the brain to respond optimally. Electroencephalograms (EEGs) are used to detect brain activity and display electrical impulse as wavy lines. Neurocore assess this data in order to detect neurological conditions such as sleep disorders, stress and migraines. Neurofeedback is used as a non-invasive, medication free treatment with long lasting results. Read more about Neurocore at

Although neurofeedback has been around since the ’60s, better technologies and understanding of how the brain works have allowed scientist and researchers to help people train their brain through positive reinforcement and repetition. Founded in 2004, the Neurocore Brain Performance Centers began to help both children and adults using EEG and biofeedback monitoring. Their method is so effective it is now being used by professional athletes and franchisees as part of their training. In the “brain room” athletes monitor their biological functions, including respiratory and cardiovascular, to help them stay calm and focused under pressure and in stressful conditions. Athletes from most of the major leagues including the NBA, NFL and MLBA, have experience greater success using Neurocore brain training techniques.


Neurocore uses a electrode helmet that fits comfortably on the head, to detect electrical activity in the brain as part of the neurofeedback process. Heart Rate Variability is used to help reduce stress through breathing and synchronizing the heart rate to train users to stay calm. Neurocore has also integrated visual processing training to increase awareness and decision making as part of their brain training process. Whether a world class athlete, someone wanting to optimize their brain function or someone wanting to overcome a neurological condition, Neurocore can help.

Neurocore continue to research and develop including examining psychological factors that affect neurofeedback and honing the craft of brain performance training for optimal results. Factors such as locus of control, sense of agency and experimental instructions may lead to more effective outcomes. Brain training may lead to automatic responses by individuals much like other learning such as color naming, reading, and number recognition. Neurocore is hoping to use their technology to strength the connection of body and mind giving people greater control over their lives. Follow Neurocore on Twitter.

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