The Fundraising Events In NYC, Hosted By The Fountain House Was A Great Success

Founder of Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC, Jeremy Goldstein, specializes in advising compensation committees, CEOs and top management teams. As a board member of the Fountain House Organization, he recently hosted extravagant Wine Dinners along with Jim Finkel and Omar Khan, the chairs of wine dinners. The invitation list had some big names in it who contributed to the cause the Fountain House Organization supports. Learn more about Jeremiah Goldstein: and

The non-profit organization focuses on providing employment opportunities to individuals suffering from acute mental disorders and to date, they have been very successful at it. The event was a success as it raised a total of $56,000 from the two wine dinners.

On May 22nd of 2018, the first dinner event took place on the rooftop of the high-end hotel NoMad. It was considered as one of the most important private fundraisers of 2018. The event was a success which boosted the hopes of the hosts for the second wine dinner which took place on the last day of the same month.

Founded in 1948, Fountain House has been the driving force and the source of hope for people suffering from severe mental disorders. The culture and surroundings developed by the organization help people develop self-confidence which boosts their morale. Read more: Jeremy Goldstein | Chambers and Partners and Exclusive NYC Wine Dinners Hosted by Attorney Jeremy Goldstein and Friends over 56000 for Fountain House

All the participants are assigned a personal staff, and together they engage in administrative work, building maintenance, cooking delicious cuisines and practicing advocacy. They also introduce group projects that encourage them to make new friends and build long-lasting relationships.

Reports show that 42% percent of the enrolled individuals have secured employment whereas as 85% of the people suffering from mental disorders in the U.S. are currently unemployed. Connect with Goldstein on LinkedIn

This phenomenal feat could not have been possible without the vision and efforts of the creative leaders and the esteemed board members. They are a globally recognized non-profit organization with a presence in 300 locations across 30 countries affecting the lives of 100,000 in a positive way.

Jeremy Goldstein is a well-known attorney with a strong educational background. He earned his Jurisprudence from New York University, a Masters in Arts from the University of Chicago and a Bachelor of Arts from Cornell University. Jeremy was appointed as a Director in Fountain House in 2010.

Before joining Fountain House, he played a crucial part in handling major corporate transactions of the last decade. Jeremy has a rich history of collaborating with CEOs and senior management personnel.

Currently, he is the chairman of the Merger and Acquisition sub-committee of the American Bar Association Business Section.