Dr. Johanan Rand; How to Live a Long Healthy Life

Dr. Johanan Rand is prominent for founding Healthy Aging Medical Centers, geographically located in New York. Also a physiatrist, rehabilitation doctor qualified for physical medicine, Rand is always working with like-minded individuals to enhance better health. Besides, Rand trained at the influential Albert Einstein Medical Center. Perhaps what really makes him special is the fact that he practices peer-reviewed medicine. This means that he can only diagnose and administer treatment based on already existing findings.


Background Data

Most fundamentally, Rand is extremely kind and understanding. Perhaps his personal traits have contributed to his success as a medical doctor as well. Coupled with sensitivity, he is a perfect fit for patients who would like to lose weight or just live healthier lives. At fifty years old, Rand is already working with health providers to establish a strong platform for his patients.


Best Selling

Currently, Dr. Rand is dedicated to writing. His book, ‘’ It is Not Too Late to Live Past 100’’ focuses on presenting evidence –based support that hormones have a direct impact on our health. Basically, Rand is passionate about using health-based strategies to empower people to lead healthy lives.


Expertise in Health

Dr. Rand’s enthusiasm is highly motivating as he prides himself on being able to make his patients achieve their health goals. As such, his health-based programs capitalize on bio-identical hormones, fitness, nutrition and supplements. Alongside with a comprehensive plan for physical examination, Dr. Rand works closely with his health experts to come up with viable comprehensive plans for physical examination and wellness. With his plans, there is definitely no room for doubt.


Additional Information

Dr. Rand is passionate about health and fitness (Facebook). His practice is successful because of his patience and dedication to what he teaches. Also a lover of active healthy lifestyle, he incorporates healthy eating as well as the intake of high quality supplements to improve the circulation of blood in the lymphatic system.


The Overview

Dr. Rand is your prefect health instructor and he has invested time and effort to ensuring that people invest in their health by pursuing healthy lifestyles.


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Although the two analysts have not recommended investing in coffee, they are saying its worth looking at and considering. Another commodity they are researching as an investment is medical marijuana as a commodity to invest in. This is based on the fact it has been legalized in many countries for use for medical treatment.

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