Jeff Aronin, Bringing Innovation to the World of Bioscience & Technology

When it comes to human beings, genetics, and disease, there is still much to be explored. A myriad of diseases still exist without a cure, restricting the quality of life for many people in our world. Jeff Aronin champions the importance of bringing together the best minds in biotechnology, drug development, and business to create an incubator for developing methods, treatments, and cures that help people enjoy healthier longer lives.

Jeff Aronin is the CEO and chairman of Paragon Biosciences. This company focuses on global healthcare and pharmaceutical companies, with a commitment to excellence, research, and putting the needs of the patient first (  Too many healthcare companies focus solely on the disease, instead of taking a more comprehensive look at how patients are impacted by their health challenges. Under the charge of Jeff Aronin, Paragon Biosciences remembers to put people first, in order to better tailor the development and administration of treatments.

Paragon Biosciences is centered around developing solutions to treat specific health conditions. Namely, treatments and care that alleviate and subdue conditions related to dermatological conditions, Alzheimer’s disease, and neural sleep disorders are its chief interests. Thanks to the successful endeavors of Paragon Biosciences, its clinical trials have developed into 13 FDA approved drug treatments.

Jeff Aronin is not new to bridging the gap between business, science, medicine, and innovation with technology. Thanks to his 20 years of experience, Jeff has taken his passion for the intersection of business, science, and technology to new heights. Jeff is focused on uncovering the secrets of complex genetic disorders, aggressively developing working drug therapies, and has used his entrepreneurship qualities to propel Paragon Biosciences forward. Paragon has an excellent track record.

Jeff Aronin has received many awards during the span of his career. Jeff was honored with the 2017 Weizmann Leadership Award, the Frederic A. Gibbs Discovery Award, and many others. In addition to his involvement with Paragon Biosciences, Jeff is also a philanthropist. Jeff Aronin is a contributor to the Anti-Defamation League, the Boys and Girls Club of Chicago, the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation





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