Bioscience Breakthroughs with Jeff Aronin

Jeff Aronin, based in the Illinois area, has been a chairman and the chief executive officer of Paragon Biosciences, LLC and Paragon Pharmaceutical Capital since 2010. Jeff is a prestigious businessman with past and present CEO leadership experience with several global biopharmaceutical companies. In addition to being the CEO of Paragon, Jeff Aronin is an active philanthropist when it comes to supporting organizations that focus on the outcomes of patients who struggle with rare diseases.


Jeff Aronin skill expertise includes

  • Brand Marketing
  • Strategy
  • Business Development
  • Finance


Jeff Aronin Education

De Paul University

Degree: Master of Business Administration


Northern Illinois University

Degree: Bachelor of Science


Jeff Aronin’s Philanthropic Support

Jeff Aronin, as the chief executive officer of Paragon, is dedicated to improving patient’s outcomes (Gazetteday) . He also supports organizations that are committed to improving their local communities and the world.


Organizations of Philanthropic Support

  • Susan G. Komen
  • Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation
  • Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
  • JED Foundation for Depression
  • Pharmacological Treatment of Epilepsy
  • Liver Life Challenge
  • Pediatric Sun Protection Foundation


Paragon Biosciences, LLC

Paragon Biosciences, LLC, located in Northbrook, Illinois, is a healthcare company that focuses on improving the lives of patients suffering from various rare diseases. Paragon goes above and beyond normal standards when it comes to biomedical research, providing clinical trials in conjunction with working closely with medical professionals to ensure patients receive the most effective medications to treat their illnesses.

Paragon Biosciences has made some groundbreaking discoveries already with their intense biomedical research studies and has managed to approve 13 new drugs through the FDA over the past decade. Paragon’s leadership and management team provide support, strategy, and guidance to deliver positive outcomes in medicines in the best interest of each individual patient. Jeff Aronin, as Paragon Biosciences chief executive officer since 2010, brings several years of biopharmaceutical experience to Paragon Biosciences to continue the services and success of the company.


Jeff Aronin at Paragon Pharmaceutical Capital

Paragon Pharmaceutical Capital is a private equity and venture capital firm. The company invests in licensing and developing drugs, medical products, and treatments. The business models of Paragon Biosciences, LLC and Paragon Pharmaceutical are committed to making a difference.


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