Jeff Aronin, 2017 Weizmann Award Recipient

The Weizmann Institute annually recognizes a medical professional who has dedicated their life to improving the lives of others. In December of 2017, the Institute bestowed that award upon Jeff Aronin, Chairman and CEO of Paragon Biosciences (

Aronin’s colleagues, both at the company and in the scientific community, use words like “passionate,” “mission-driven,” “patient-first,” “committed,” and “focused” to describe him. All of those attributes fuel his relentless motivation to deliver the promise of science to patients who need new therapy options.

When discussing the passion that he has for his job, Jeff Aronin notes that his main focus is to make the lives of his patients better. “What better, more important, focus could you have for a career?” he says.

The Weizmann Institute advocates for science and in particular, science in the service of improving health. The Institute proudly recognized the business and philanthropic efforts of Jeff Aronin and his family. Whether it is developing and commercializing new medicines, or supporting the next generation of healthcare innovators, Aronin understands the urgency and importance of doing the right thing for patients and their families.

Beyond the 13 new medicines that Aronin and his team at Paragon have helped bring to market, Aronin is helping to grow future innovation by founding MATTER, a Chicago-based healthcare startup incubator that has over 200 companies in various stages of development. In this way, and in the Weizmann tradition, Aronin is helping to pave the way for the next generation of healthcare leaders.


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  1. I consider all the attributes accorded him so far as well deserving giving to the fact that he has committed his life to helping people. Its not always easy and that is why remains one of the best at what he does. The healthcare sector in recent times has experience some breakthrough and that is attributed to the input being put in by professionals in the field.

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