Securus Technologies Building Stronger Prison Staff

Over the years in our prison we have seen the inmates starting to shift the power. Now that the population of inmates in the jail has exploded, the inmates feel like they are running the facility because me and my other corrections officers are so outnumbered. The reason our prison had to make changes was because as the inmates gained more power, the incidents of violence began to escalate. While we couldn’t drastically increase the amount of officers on staff, we were able to do the next best thing to get back control of this prison.


The day we called Securus Technologies to help really changed the way that we approached dealing with inmates in the prison. Over the last few years we have slowly begun using technology to help us reduce episodes of violence, and this has helped us to limit instances where my team was in harms way. The addition of full-body scanners in the visitor center was a start because it allowed us to remove contraband before it got to the inmates. Now we have the new call monitoring system developed by Securus Technologies to help us to take things to the next level.


Securus Technologies created a monitoring system that runs by the LBS software and will scan all the calls that inmates make on the jail phones. If any type of chatter has been detected concerning drugs, weapons, gangs, contraband, or violence, now my team gets an alert and can move in to eliminate the threat long before anyone is actually at risk of becoming harmed. When inmates using the jail phone talk about hiding drugs, using drugs, selling drugs, making weapons, hiding weapons, or planning fights with rival gangs or corrections officers, we take those threats serious and we move in to remove the threat so no one can be harmed.

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