Mike Baur Explains It Takes Dedication To Start A New Company

Mike Baur is a businessman who has been very successful in his native country of Sweden. He grew up with a strong interest in finance and due to this spent more than 20 years in the Swiss banking industry. During his time in this industry he worked at the executive level for a number of the largest banks in Sweden including Clariden Leu and UBS. He was very successful as a private investment banker and during this time built up a large network of others in the financial industry such as venture capitalists and entrepreneurs.

In 2014, Mike Baur left the banking industry behind in order to instead help startup companies in Switzerland as well as invest his money in those he found very promising. He is one of the co-founders of Swiss Startup Factory along with two business partners, Oliver Walzer and Max Meister. He has also been involved in the startup industry by serving as one of the jury members at Start Summiteer. This was a contest that involved aspiring entrepreneurs a chance to pitch their business ideas in a contest format. The contest was held at the University of St Gallen.

Early in 2016 Swiss Startup Factory partnered with another firm, CTI. After this occurred Mike Baur became the deputy managing partner of this other company. He was also responsible for guiding Swiss Startup Factory through its own initial startup phase. The company joined the accelerator program at another company called Goldback Group which, like Swiss Startup Factory, guides entrepreneurs through the early stages of building a new company.

The industry that Mike Baur and Swiss Startup Factory focuses on is the digital sector. They have helped a number of new companies establish market disrupting smartphone apps such as games, insurance, health, and driving. One of the things that he stresses to people new to building a business is just how much work and dedication it takes.

On the Swiss Startup Factory website they have a founders stories section on which Mike Baur has an interview of himself talking about entrepreneurship and building a new company. He says that to launch and run a business you have to roll your sleeves up and really get to work because it’s even more difficult than you imagine it will be. It takes everything from formulating a fantastic elevator pitch for your product to bringing in a great management team and employees.