Spotting Contraband With the Help of Securus Technologies

When my team of corrections officers sees a rise in drug use within the prison walls, we have to really step up our efforts in a number of locations throughout the facility. One inmate that is high on drugs puts everyone behind the walls in danger, from officers, facility, inmates, to visitors. Here is what we have to do on a daily basis to stay ahead of the trouble so that it does not become a serious issue for all involved.


The first thing that we do is to put a team at the visitor center to perform a number of important duties. We run each visitor through scanning equipment, we do physical checks, and we make sure the inmates are checked after each visit. Once we are completed in this area, then we move to inmate cell inspections throughout the facility. This is a process that usually yields a good amount of contraband, but not everything.


It wasn’t until we started working with Securus Technologies that we were able to really put a huge crimp in the flow of contraband throughout our prison. Securus Technologies installed an inmate call monitoring system that allows my team to pick up on key conversations between inmates pertaining to drugs or weapons. If the system picks up on any words related to the subject, we get an alert and we take swift action.


This month already, the Securus Technologies picked up on conversations between inmates talking about when they do drugs and where in our facility. The system alerted my team to conversations about inmates instructing their families on how to get contraband into the jail and what time is the best to get in without getting the guards attention. Each alert is actually making our facility that much safer for all involved.


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