Dr. Johanan Rand; How to Live a Long Healthy Life

Dr. Johanan Rand is prominent for founding Healthy Aging Medical Centers, geographically located in New York. Also a physiatrist, rehabilitation doctor qualified for physical medicine, Rand is always working with like-minded individuals to enhance better health. Besides, Rand trained at the influential Albert Einstein Medical Center. Perhaps what really makes him special is the fact that he practices peer-reviewed medicine. This means that he can only diagnose and administer treatment based on already existing findings.


Background Data

Most fundamentally, Rand is extremely kind and understanding. Perhaps his personal traits have contributed to his success as a medical doctor as well. Coupled with sensitivity, he is a perfect fit for patients who would like to lose weight or just live healthier lives. At fifty years old, Rand is already working with health providers to establish a strong platform for his patients.


Best Selling

Currently, Dr. Rand is dedicated to writing. His book, ‘’ It is Not Too Late to Live Past 100’’ focuses on presenting evidence –based support that hormones have a direct impact on our health. Basically, Rand is passionate about using health-based strategies to empower people to lead healthy lives.


Expertise in Health

Dr. Rand’s enthusiasm is highly motivating as he prides himself on being able to make his patients achieve their health goals. As such, his health-based programs capitalize on bio-identical hormones, fitness, nutrition and supplements. Alongside with a comprehensive plan for physical examination, Dr. Rand works closely with his health experts to come up with viable comprehensive plans for physical examination and wellness. With his plans, there is definitely no room for doubt.


Additional Information

Dr. Rand is passionate about health and fitness (Facebook). His practice is successful because of his patience and dedication to what he teaches. Also a lover of active healthy lifestyle, he incorporates healthy eating as well as the intake of high quality supplements to improve the circulation of blood in the lymphatic system.


The Overview

Dr. Rand is your prefect health instructor and he has invested time and effort to ensuring that people invest in their health by pursuing healthy lifestyles.


Stansberry Research Advises on Investing in Commodities

According to a recent article in Stansberry Research, commodities are an important part of investing. When commodities are purchased at the right time, they are a way to diversify investments. Commodities are outside the scope of traditional investments like stocks, bonds, and real estate.

Commodities are cyclical investments, they go through periods of high earnings often followed by dropping prices, or a decrease in value. Supply and demand drives the commodities market. Often commodity markets are driven by the hard work of building a business the produces a product. When prices become unstable, and drop businesses don’t slow down.

This instability in the commodities markets leads to price swings that take a long time to recover from. Commodities price changes do not have any connection to traditional investments. Buying commodities when prices are low often givens consumers a chance to make money on the investment.

Analysts from Stansberry Research, Steve Sjuggerd and Brett Eversole, are looking at coffee as a viable commodity to invest in. Coffee prices are now low. In 2015, coffee prices went down low and investors believed prices would continue to drop. The opposite occurred they increased 45% in only 10 months (https://thenewsversion.com/2018/03/stansberry-research-on-melt-up/).

Although the two analysts have not recommended investing in coffee, they are saying its worth looking at and considering. Another commodity they are researching as an investment is medical marijuana as a commodity to invest in. This is based on the fact it has been legalized in many countries for use for medical treatment.

Stansberry Research publishes financial reports for investors on commodities, stocks, bonds and other financial products. They only publish information that they world want their own families to read and follow. Their analysts publish a wide variety of opinions, recommendations, and strategies to a diverse market.

Their franchises are committed to managing risk and continually providing subscribes with new opportunities to invest. Their strategies are based on providing long term investment for customers. Their analyst design portfolios for clients and provide several recommendations in investing.

Stansberry Research offers research services and specialized publications for customers on many different investment products. They guide their customers with their professional expertise.



Brexit is on it’s way with only a year to go till its arrival. CPS has announced a large scale policy program. They are wanting a fresh outlook on the way they are implementing their policies. Brexit is bringing about an eagerness for fresh ideas towards a bright future to meet voters needs.

Key issues are being addressed to spotlight what is influencing peoples lives and future.

  1. Tax and Cost Of Living
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  4. Welfare

These goals will be leading people towards more control of ones own lives and future.

Research work is of the utmost priority towards a new policy group to provide instruction to further new ideas. With the solid team being put together with the upcoming changes, we should see a bright future ahead, adding stability and focus to these key objectives.

Graham Edwards has announced that he will be joining The Center for Policy Studies as Chairman of their new Housing Policy Group and as a CPS Research Fellow.

Graham Edwards is the Chief Executive of Telereal Trillium. Telereal Trillium owns more than 8,000 properties. Graham Edwards experience in managing this large housing empire certainly gives him a top down view to advise on key issues and fresh ideas into the new CPS program.

Graham Edwards Telereal joined Telereal Trillium in 2001 and has held the title of CEO during that time. He guided Telereal with the implementation of a 30 year plan with British Telecom. Edwards was the key individual that guided arbitration of the purchase of Trillium from Land Securities Group. With Grahams leadership Telereal Trillium has become a premier market leader in property utilization.

Graham Edwards has prior experience as an investment officer of Taliman Global Asset Management as well. With Graham leading Talisman, it has seen itself develop from a 50 million dollar company into excess of 1 billion.

With such an extensive history and experience, Graham Edwards brings time tested business principles and delivers visual results to companies he has steer headed. He has lead companies to receive many awards throughout the years. There is no doubt that Graham Edwards will maintain his record to bring fresh perspectives and value for years to come.


Taking Notes from The Great Roberto Santiago

One of the dreams that people have is to make investments that can make them profits in the long run. One of the types of investments that people can make is buying malls and shopping centers. Some even manage to develop shopping centers for people. These centers often wind up being some of the most successful centers. These shopping centers can thrive in any market. This is one of the reasons that they catch the attention of many customers throughout different cultures. Meanwhile, some of the smaller centers tend to wither and shut down completely leaving only a shadow of what they used to have.


One example of a thriving shopping center or mall is Manaira Shopping from Roberto Santiago. One of the reasons that Manaira Shopping is thriving in all market conditions is that it is a mall that has been created with innovation. One good sign of this innovation is that there is a lot more than just shopping centers. One of the interesting things about this mall is that it is not just a larger mall. It is actually a city in and of itself because it has everything that a resident would need. In other words, this mall doesn’t just have more shops.


Among the services people can get from Manaira Shopping are full banks, education, and even courts. This provides a lot of convenience for people that are looking for a mall that transcends what a mall is considered. Everything it offers goes beyond what is offered elsewhere. With food, they have more than one food court so that people can find healthy alternatives to the foods that are offered at most food courts.


One of the things to do when people want to build a shopping center is take notes from Roberto Santiago. He is one of the most creative minds when it comes to building a mall. The best thing about his mall is that it is always being enhanced to keep up with the markets. The enhancements and additions to the mall are what keep people coming back to it. While other malls are closing down. Manaira Shopping is staying on top of the market.


Dr. Dov Rand Explains Aging

The Healthy Aging Medical Centers of New Jersey are designed to help the aging population age with grace and dignity. The purpose of the medical centers is to ensure that you live as full and long of a life as possible and the doctors there treat you with dignity. These medical centers were founded by Dr. Johanan “Dov” Rand, a medical doctor and physiatrist with over two decades of experience.

Dr. Rand is board certified by the American Board of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine located in West Orange, New Jersey. He has over 22 years of experience practicing medicine. Dov Rand takes pride in having clients that have been with him for years as he takes an approach to medicine that few doctors do. Rand is constantly on the cutting edge of peer-reviewed medicine and his patients are better off for it. Rand treats his patients with dignity and respect and is a huge proponent of a whole body approach to medicine.

His psychiatry training comes into play in this approach as he wants to heal his patients’ minds and bodies. He is an advocate of physical fitness and healthy eating, which he does in his own personal life. A member of the A4M Society and the Age Management Group, Dr. Rand is typically sought after for his anti-aging practices (https://www.zocdoc.com/doctor/dov-rand-md).

He is a graduate of the Howard University College of Medicine in 1991 and spent the next several years in residence at the Albert Einstein Medical Center in New York City.

He attends numerous medical seminars all over the United States and has written many articles in peer-reviewed medical publications. Many doctors look toward Rand for the latest treatments for their aging patients and presents webinars online. For folks looking to age gracefully and maximize their lives, Dr. Dov Rand is a godsend.


The Hormone Doctor, Johanan Rand

Johanan Rand, the medical doctor and successful role model, has made immense strides in the medical industry. One of his greatest accomplishments has been his research and work with bioidentical hormone replacement theory.

Dr. Johanan Rand is a licensed physiatrist, physical medicine doctor and rehabilitation doctor practicing medicine in New Jersey. Dr. Rand received his medical training at Albert Einstein Medical School in New York. He practices a very specific type of medicine called peer-review medicine. Peer-review medicine involves recommending treatment only based off of what has been supported in a medical journal or article. At the age of fifty, Johanan Rand is very understanding and sensitive to his patient’s needs. Not only a fitness and health expert, the doctor is an incredible role model to his patients.

For one to understand what bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is, one must first understand the basis of menopause (Youtube). Menopause occurs in women between the ages of 35-50 where progesterone and estrogen levels decrease, because of the decrease of these two important hormones the chance for developing certain diseases increases. However, studies show replacing estrogen and progesterone can fight diseases associated with aging. Replenishing the body with bioidentical hormones fights heart disease, stroke and memory loss.

At the Healthy Aging Medical Center, Johanan Rand creates a custom program for patients undergoing this hormone replacement therapy. The program consists of a detailed analysis of all hormone levels and using bioidentical products for replacing and balancing. When a patient receives this treatment energy levels are recaptured, vitality is increased and the prevention of disease is increased. In addition to the bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, Johanan Rand develops a custom nutrition program and fitness routine for his clients.

Since testosterone levels decline with age, Andropause develops within men. Johanan Rand works also with men creating a specific program based off of bloodwork examination to prevent diseases and hormone imbalance.

As a board certified professional, medical director and practicing physician Johanan Rand stands as a role model and mentor to his patients with his active lifestyle, healthy eating habits and kindness and concern for his patient’s well-being.


Jeff Aronin, Bringing Innovation to the World of Bioscience & Technology

When it comes to human beings, genetics, and disease, there is still much to be explored. A myriad of diseases still exist without a cure, restricting the quality of life for many people in our world. Jeff Aronin champions the importance of bringing together the best minds in biotechnology, drug development, and business to create an incubator for developing methods, treatments, and cures that help people enjoy healthier longer lives.

Jeff Aronin is the CEO and chairman of Paragon Biosciences. This company focuses on global healthcare and pharmaceutical companies, with a commitment to excellence, research, and putting the needs of the patient first (http://chicago.blueskyinnovation.com/vault/network/aronin-jeff/).  Too many healthcare companies focus solely on the disease, instead of taking a more comprehensive look at how patients are impacted by their health challenges. Under the charge of Jeff Aronin, Paragon Biosciences remembers to put people first, in order to better tailor the development and administration of treatments.

Paragon Biosciences is centered around developing solutions to treat specific health conditions. Namely, treatments and care that alleviate and subdue conditions related to dermatological conditions, Alzheimer’s disease, and neural sleep disorders are its chief interests. Thanks to the successful endeavors of Paragon Biosciences, its clinical trials have developed into 13 FDA approved drug treatments.

Jeff Aronin is not new to bridging the gap between business, science, medicine, and innovation with technology. Thanks to his 20 years of experience, Jeff has taken his passion for the intersection of business, science, and technology to new heights. Jeff is focused on uncovering the secrets of complex genetic disorders, aggressively developing working drug therapies, and has used his entrepreneurship qualities to propel Paragon Biosciences forward. Paragon has an excellent track record.

Jeff Aronin has received many awards during the span of his career. Jeff was honored with the 2017 Weizmann Leadership Award, the Frederic A. Gibbs Discovery Award, and many others. In addition to his involvement with Paragon Biosciences, Jeff is also a philanthropist. Jeff Aronin is a contributor to the Anti-Defamation League, the Boys and Girls Club of Chicago, the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation





Benefits of Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy with Dr. Johanan Rand

The health of aging women and men is very important. Having the knowledge of hormone balance is the most valuable, as it is the root of most concerns in health. Dr. Johanan Rand has developed a progressive program called Bioidentical Hormone Therapy. This treatment has the potential to change the way menopausal woman and andropausal men take care of their changing body chemistry. The main aspects bioidentical improves are diseases that develop as a result of hormonal changes, mood swings, physical aging, and overall mental health (Newjerseybioidenticalhormonedoctors).

Dr. Johanan Rand is truly a revolutionary doctor. He is the founder of Healthy Aging Medical Centers. Dr. Rand takes great pride in being a doctor who does not just cover up a patients symptoms. With intense therapy and testing, he treats problems with an approach to change lives and help patients be healthy and happy. The creation of bioidentical hormones and introducing a healthful lifestyle is the reason for his success. Also, as a doctor who practice what he preaches, his patients are more inclined to follow his orders. The natural way he treats is very impressive and hopefully more doctors in his field can follow in his footsteps.

Bioidentical hormone therapy is basically natural hormones that your body is already chemically used to. The therapy is done after intensive testing has been done and the right program is created for you. This benefits women and men entering the stage of menopause or andropause. Diseases in women such as osteoporosis, heart disease, and depression are just a few that this program helps. In men, low testosterone is the main problem which leads to high blood pressure and obesity. The therapy targets increasing testosterone naturally just like estrogen in women. The other way this is getting treated is through artificial hormones, which are potentially more dangerous and increasing the negative already side effects of menopause and andropause.

With this new development by Dr. Johanan Rand, there will be a positive change in the health of our aging men and women. Potential for decreasing cancers and heart disease alone would be beneficial to quality and quantity of life.


Dr. Mark Holterman Is An Innovator In Pediatric Medicine

Dr. Mark Holterman is a pediatric physician and entrepreneur that is passionately involved with scientific research. After graduating from Yale University, Holterman became the Director of Surgery at the University of Washington. He also gained valuable experience working at the Children’s Hospital of Seattle (https://www.crunchbase.com/person/dr-mark-holterman#/entity). During this fellowship, he became inspired to create the Mariam Global Health Fund. The fund encourages friends and colleagues to collaborate with each other, to come up with healthcare initiatives centered around stem cell and autoimmune topics. The organization has already helped the International Pediatric Specialists Alliance for the Children of Vietnam. The goal of the Mariam Global Health Fund is to invest in other companies that are committed to the advancement in medical technology.

As a savvy businessman, Mark Holterman encourages people to believe in their ideals and surround themselves with others who can help bring them to fruition. Throughout his career, Mark has come up with his best ideas after seeking the advice of others. He always tries to think outside of the box when it comes to researching the latest advancements in regenerative medicine. Dr. Mark Holterman’s inspiration comes from some of the greatest businessmen including Steve Jobs and Elon Musk. He appreciates their courage to think big and never be afraid to test boundaries. With technology, Mark sees a bright future in the medical industry. He continues his research with the help of his wife Aixuan and his two sons who are professors in biotechnology.

Dr. Mark Holterman has a vast area of interest including liver transplantation, biliary atresia, short bowel syndrome, and newborn medicine. In 1997, he was a professor for three years at the University of Illinois in Chicago. Currently, Mark works as a pediatric surgeon at the Children’s Hospital of OSF Healthcare. He continues to work as a teacher of Pediatric surgery to surgical residents and medical students in Chicago.

The Visionary Dr. Mark Hoterman

Dr. Mark Holterman is a pediatrician and a businessman as well in which he attained his medical professionalism from the Yale University with honors. Through his career, Dr. Mark Holterman has worked at the University of Washington as the director of Surgery (Askreporter). In addition to his profession, Dr. Mark Holterman highly participates in scientific research from the laboratories to have new discoveries.

From a variety of creative ideas given to him by his friend, Dr. Mark Holterman took advantage of these ideas and in exploring them he began a health fund known as Mariam Global Health Fund whose aim was to convert the ideas into great initiatives for the healthcare. In this, he majorly specifies on the autoimmunity together with stem cells topics. Dr. Mark Holterman’s major objective in his research and healthcare is for business investments that assist in the medical advancement globally.

The Mariam Global Healthcare concentrates on biotechnology in which they majorly use technology for the treatment of a large number of people around the world partnering science and business. Dr. Mark Holterman usually offers advice to their customers to trust the ideas generated by the healthcare. They focus on working with different kind of people who are innovative bringing up new ideas to the projects. In addition, he also offers advises to his customers on business plans on any type of business one is to start. Through this, he stresses on control of finances and optimization of their use.

Medicine and Science are the major things surrounding Dr. Mark Holterman and, in addition, he also has much of entrepreneurship in him and he has succeeded both from advice from friends and through his scientific research. This has enhanced his great success to the professionalism compared to other people on the same field who are rare in getting some more information from friends.

Dr. Mark Holterman is highly skilled with skills such as Clinical Research, Regenerative Medicine, and many skills in the medical field. He also has some major accomplishments that have seen him get some major awards such as the award of America’s Top Doctors and Innovative Research Award. In addition to the Mariam Global Healthcare, Dr. Mark Holterman has also founded The Mariam Life on January 2018 that is aiming at raising the standards of living for the world citizens.

Dr. Mark Holterman remains a remarkable person globally accompanied by his great success that has been led by his hard work and great visions both to assist people at a personal level and work at a global perspective.